Obligatory Trade Terms of server www.classtamps.com (hereinafter called the „Classtamps“). These terms describe and regulate mutual business relationship between the operator of Classtamps as a supplier, and a customer as a buyer. These trade terms follow the Pricing. Business transactions dealt using telecommunication means are carried out in Czech and English languages.

I. Pricing
Price. List of the goods displayed on Classtamps is understood as a catalogue containing selling prices. Price doesn´t include shipping and handling costs unless it is expressed otherwise for the particular goods. Classtamps reserves the right to change the prices in the catalogue. Changing the prices without prior notice and consent of the customer is not possible in case of already confirmed orders.

Postage and Handling
– Registered Letter or Business Package.
The postage and handling price will be added when dispatching the shipment in accordance with real dispatch expenses, and will be confirmed in writing via e-mail. Postage is charged by the operator according to tariffs of Czech Post. Foreign buyers including buyers from Slovak Republic will be charged in accordance with international shipping tariffs. Due to high manipulating costs operator will not accept orders lower than 500 CZK.

II. Terms and Payment Options

Payment by bank transfer. Payment shall be made by a customer on the supplier account number: 2650377001/5500, IBAN code: CZ8655000000002650377001, BIC (SWIFT): CODE RZBCCZPP, Raiffeisenbank a.s., Prague, Czech Republic.

Customer would use his/her unique order number as a variable symbol if there is no order number allocated by the system.

Payment by Paypal – the e-mail address: mb@bbart.cz

III. Delivery Terms

Date of dispatch of the goods. Classtamps makes maximum effort to ensure quick and easy dispatch. All the shipments from Classtamps including correspondence are sent as a registered letter. The maximum term of expedition is 14 working days after verification of the order. Orders that cannot be sent in the above-mentioned date can be postponed for a longer period, but only with the consent of the customer. Non-observance of the delivery terms allows the customer to withdraw from the order and request a free cancellation of order. The customer shall send related notice in writing form by e-mail to jb@filateliepraha.cz.

IV. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the order because of non-observance of delivery term. In the event that the Classtamps fails to observe the expeditionary/delivery deadline, or alternate delivery deadline given in paragraph III. – Delivery Terms, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract immediately. The customer shall send related notice in writing form by e-mail toorder@classtamps.com.

VI. Cancellation of the order prior to shipping. Cancellation of the order prior to shipping happens when the customer requests to cancel the order prior to its delivery deadline, i.e. before the moment the shipment is sent to the carrier entrusted with its delivery to the customer. The customer doesn´t pay any cancellation fee in this case.

Legal relations – the object of which is mediation of the sale of material through the internet shop set up by the operator, and further sale of goods – shall be governed by generally valid regulations of Czech Republic and all of the above listed Trade Terms. In case of litigation the mediation of the material purchase is competent court the District Court for Prague 3.

Prague, 01/05/2010