Postage and Handling
– Registered Letter or Business Package.
The postage and handling price will be added when dispatching the shipment in accordance with real dispatch expenses, and will be confirmed in writing via e-mail. Postage is charged by the operator according to tariffs of Czech Post. Foreign buyers including buyers from Slovak Republic will be charged in accordance with international shipping tariffs. Due to high manipulating costs operator will not accept orders lower than 500 CZK.

II. Terms and Payment Options

Payment by bank transfer. Payment shall be made by a customer on the supplier account number: 2650377001/5500, IBAN code: CZ8655000000002650377001, BIC (SWIFT): CODE RZBCCZPP, Raiffeisenbank a.s., Prague, Czech Republic.

Customer would use his/her unique order number as a variable symbol if there is no order number allocated by the system.

Payment by Paypal – the e-mail address